Escuela Avenue Bike Lanes

Escuela Ave as it exists today (top) and with proposed bike lanes (bottom)

Escuela Avenue is a unique street. It’s only half a mile long, but there are numerous destinations such as Castro Elementary School, the Senior Center, Day Worker Center, Rengstorff Park, the Teen Center, several churches, a community garden, and a handful of apartment buildings. This unique mix of neighborhood places in a relatively small area means that there’s potential for people to easily walk and or bike to these places.

The Park, Senior and Teen Centers, and Castro Elementary School draw people who are less likely to drive. Acknowledging this fact, the city recently installed a mid-block crosswalk in front of the Senior Center, but the street could function even better for pedestrians and especially cyclists.

Escuela needs bike lanes! The street carries approximately 4,000 cars per day, and cyclists must share the lane with cars, which can be harrowing given the rows of parking, and relatively high traffic counts. If you are headed to the Senior Center or a parent who wants to cycle with your child to school, the road can be intimidating. Despite the width, the entire length of the street could accommodate bike lanes, but approximately 50 on street parking spaces would have to be removed.

Pedestrian connections could also be improved. New human-scaled lighting and curb extensions at intersections would shorten crossing distance and make pedestrians more visible to drivers at street corners.

Park to Bay Connectivity

Below is a map showing how the Escuela Ave bike lanes could connect to the new Permanente Creek Trail that goes over Highway 101, and other proposed elements of the Great Streets Rengstorff Park Vision. Imagine a 12 minute bike ride from Rengstorff Park to the Bay all on trails or low-speed streets!

Numerous Destinations on Escuela

Escuela Avenue is home for man community service facilities such as the Senior Center, Teen Center, Community Garden, and Castro School. Additionally, there are several churches, a number of local businesses, and the Day Worker Center all on this half mile long street.