Caltrain Trail

The Caltrain right of way is incredibly wide, and this is a great opportunity to add a multi-use bicycle and pedestrian trail along the railroad tracks, similar to what Palo Alto built between Churchill Street and the Downtown/University Avenue Caltrain Station. The path can serve both recreation and transportation needs.

For transportation, there are numerous opportunities for the trail to be routed to nearby parks and neighborhoods, while seamlessly connecting the city’s two Caltrain stations with a safe, fast, and enjoyable bicycle and pedestrian conduit. From the Rengstorff Park area, one will be able to ride several blocks to the trail and ride directly to the Castro Street Caltrain station with no interference from cars– no stopping and no worries. Unlike the city’s current Steven’s Creek and Permanente Creek trails, this path would feature lighting to enhance safety and provide 24 hour access.

For recreation, the trail will be well-landscaped and would have a paved walking area as well as a crushed pea-gravel running zone, similar to the material used on athletic tracks, for people to run or jog for low impact exercise.

In Los Angeles, the city built a new bike and pedestrian trail adjacent to a major public transit line. The same type of trail could be installed along Caltrain and Central Expressway in Mountian View. Source: LADOT

If Caltrain is expanded to four tracks in Mountain View, there is still plenty of space for a trail, and it will play an important role in connecting people from all around Mountain View to the city’s two Caltrain stations with a safe, enjoyable alternative to driving. 

Future connectivity options are endless– the trail could continue down the right of way all the way to San Jose!