On Tuesday, June 18, City Council formally approved the 2013-2014 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) list including $250,000 for the California Street and Escuela Avenue study!

Green light for bicycle and pedestrian friendly streets! Image: Flickr user The Scooter Guy.

The CIP is funded as a part of the FY 2013-14 budget and the decision on May 21 maintained the proposed bicycle and pedestrian CIP projects.

With the hard work of the Great Streets Rengstoff Park neighborhood coalition, including letters and emails sent to council, and seventeen people attending the CIP study Session May 21st, we have taken one step closer to neighborhood streets that are great places and safe for everyone.

We want to especially thank city council and city staff for their work to bring these ideas to the table. By prioritizing investment in safer, more beautiful streets, we all benefit from an asset that touches every person who lives, works, or travels in our city.

We are researching next steps for the California Street and Escuela Avenue study with city staff. We do know there will be many opportunities for public input, so start thinking about what you, your family, and neighbors might like to see on a livable California Street.

The asphalt canvas is yours. What would you like to see? More street trees? wider sidewalks? protected bike lanes? Let us know in the comments and for the latest information don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter.


2 responses to “Funded!

  1. Hi GSRP! As you probably know, Bay Area BikeShare will be launching sometime in August. I think it would be very prudent of you to send an email to the group letting everyone know, and urge them to go to to support bike share stations in our neighborhood! 🙂

  2. Hi Josh!

    Thanks for the reply. I know I’ve signed up for bikeshare and I’m working on putting together an e-mail that shows how the projects proposed by Great Streets are perfect compliments to bike share.

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