California/Escuela Study Funded! (almost)

Good news! At the May 21 City Council Meeting, nearly twenty people spoke in support of the many bicycle and pedestrian safety and livability projects proposed for the city’s Capital Improvement Program. Council elected to move all projects forward as proposed, including the California Street and Escuela Avenue study.

If you were able to attend the meeting or write a letter to council prior to the meeting, thank you! It’s important that our elected officials hear the policies changes that people want to see in their neighborhood. Without  your support, the progress we’ve achieved thus far would not have been possible. Thank you.

If you were you here last week or you wrote a letter, thank you!

If you were you here last week or you wrote a letter, thank you!

Council will make the final funding decision on the Capital Improvement Program on June 18th as part of a larger budget package.  Due in large part to the feedback at last week’s meeting, we believe the projects will move forward as proposed. If you missed the meeting or weren’t able to send an e-mail, there is still time! Let council know that you support safe, beautiful, and livable streets here.

Once Council votes “yes” on the funding package on June 18,  Expect a several month gap between funding and the study kick-off, but once a city  planning consultant is selected, prepare for a series of interactive workshops. You can build the type of street you want to see with technical assistance from designers and planners– know of a place where you always wanted a tree or a crosswalk safe enough for your family? This is the place to do it! Unlike the council meetings, these events are informal and can even be really fun! Unleash your creativity.

Planning workshops are fun!

Ideally, workshops are interactive and organized ways to provide input. We may even see Legos, like at this planning workshop in San Luis Obispo! Source: Robert E. Kennedy Library

When the study concludes, the planners will create and present alternatives. Council will ultimately pick an alternative, but your voices can dramatically affect which option is chosen. Obtaining funding and constructing the project is the final step, but California and Escuela are well positioned to receive funding since  both streets connect schools, housing, and services.

The entire California/Escuela study process may take two years. Two years may seem like a long time, but keep in mind  many roads remain unchanged for decades, just like  California Street and Escuela Avenue which were built in the 1950’s.  In the context of the city and change, two years is a short wait for great, safe streets that will endure for future generations.

While the combined study and construction are several years out at best we will be watching and will continue to need your support to ensure that our call for safer more beautiful streets for all residents of Mountain View, from the eight year old on her way to school to her 80 year old grandmother, is heard.


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